Bachelor Programs (Undergraduate)

Webster Vienna Private University's undergraduate programs offer students the best of both worlds: an American liberal arts education that prioritizes faculty mentorship, excellence in teaching and small class size, and a European research university where innovative scholarship sets the standard for academic and intellectual achievement. 

Accredited in both Austria and the United States, a Webster education is also a global education. With access to our worldwide network of international campuses, students are prepared to seize the academic, intellectual and professional opportunities offered by an increasingly globalized world. 

Throughout their undergraduate education, students explore their own major field of study, as well as related disciplines in which they confront today's most pressing social, political and economic issues. To this end, Webster's Global Citizenship Program ensures that continuing exposure to the latest innovations in the human sciences and liberal arts is an essential aspect of students' undergraduate education.  Further, The WVPU Research Methods Roadmap supports student growth in the area of research and writing and develops the skills needed to posit and explore relevant research questions for today's world and in the future.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees are awarded in the following majors:

Bachelor of Science (BSc) degrees are awarded in the following majors

Students are also able to complete coursework within the following minors: