Faculty Resources

Academic Calendar, Policies and Schedules

WVPU's academic policies, calendar and course schedules are based on both the American and Austrian educational systems. For links to those policies and dates, please see:

Faculty Guidance

WVPU believes that academic freedom and professional integrity are essential to the success of the university and its students. In order to foster greater understanding of academic policies and principles, faculty are asked to consult the Faculty Guidance webpage regarding the following topics:

  • Study and Examination Guidelines
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Assistance and Disability Accommodation
  • Student Course Registration: Add/Drop, Withdrawal, Course Requirement Waiver
  • Mid-Term Progress Reports
  • Special Studies (e.g. directed studies, independent studies, internships)
  • Classroom Safety
  • Email Communication
  • Academic Honesty
  • Rescheduling Class Sessions / Public Holiday Policy
  • Student Course Evaluations
  • Grade Entry
  • Scheduling and Rescheduling Examinations
  • Examination Proctoring

As a matter of principle, all academic issues, disputes and inquiries are to be addressed and resolved at the point of origin where possible, i.e. between individual student and faculty member. Where questions or concerns remain, the respective department head is responsible for addressing unresolved issues. Please note that this guide is based on the university's Academic Policies.

Course Development