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Dr. Ronald Hochreiter, Associate Professor of Finance, to Webster ViennaLast year the business and management department welcomed Dr. Ronald Hochreiter, Associate Professor of Finance, to Webster Vienna. Dr. Hochreiter completed his Habilitation in Business Administration at the Vienna University of Economics & Business five years ago, having earned his PhD in Business Informatics from the University of Vienna in 2005. Dr. Hochreiter has written extensively on a variety of research topics related to his studies, from finance to data mining, and over the years has taught courses on data analytics, quantitative and qualitative methods, hedge funds, and management.

Recently, Dr. Hochreiter co-authored an article in the Journal Frontiers in Medicine. The study, “The Supply of Rheumatology Specialist Care in Real Life. Results of a Nationwide Survey and Analysis of Supply and Needs,” looked at the current supply of rheumatologists in Austria to determine if existing supply is meeting patient demand. The co-authors used a questionnaire, which was distributed to more than 200 Austrian rheumatologists and later evaluated by the researchers. The study’s questionnaire hoped to address gaps in previous studies, which often use rheumatologist headcounts in a given region or country. In reality, rheumatologists may spend only part of their working hours treating rheumatic patients, as they may have other responsibilities. For example, physicians devote some of their workday to administrative tasks or caring for non-rheumatic patients. The study’s findings suggest that the current supply is inadequate in Austria, meaning there are more patients than available rheumatologists. “Of those, very few had contracts with the public health insurance providers and operated solely as a practice in an office setting,” Dr. Hochreiter pointed out.

As a data scientist, Dr. Hochreiter was most intimately involved with processing the data acquired from the questionnaire. “This is a great example of the kind of research to which my data science background allows me to contribute. After all, I’m not a medical professional myself.”

WVPU students learn valuable quantitative skills in their statistics, math, and research methods courses during their studies. The broad, liberal arts background of their degrees introduces students to interdisciplinary work, revealing how seemingly disparate fields can collaborate on exciting research, like in this study. “Some of the most promising research I read involves creative cooperation between academics from different backgrounds. I’m happy we introduce this concept of interconnectedness to our students early in their studies.”

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