Center for Liberal Arts

Because today’s most difficult problems are larger than any single field of study, the Center for Liberal Arts seeks to better understand some of society's most urgent questions by drawing on the wealth of insights developed throughout the human, social and natural sciences.

Past, present and future challenges to contemporary society require innovations in contemporary research and education. At the Center for Liberal Arts, the combined resources of history, philosophy, sociology, women and gender studies, climate change science, anthropology, literature, languages and the arts are brought to bear on the problems of the present.

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The Center for Liberal Arts is a place for individual intellectual experiment. Here students immerse themselves in contemporary research, engage with working methods and lines of inquiry from a wide range of academic disciplines, and create individualized courses of study designed to prepare students for an increasingly complex world.

The liberal arts tradition is both classical and contemporary. As old as ancient Greece, the idea of a comprehensive, multidisciplinary education is today a mixture of tradition and innovation, cultivation and curiosity. Here free thinking and individual autonomy are integral to the collective work of developing a critical history of the present.

At the Center for Liberal Arts, students work with a faculty based in the human, social and natural sciences that is dedicated to multidisciplinary research and individualized learning. In addition to coordinating WVPU's Global Citizenship Program, the Center for Liberal Arts also offers minors in philosophy, history and european studies.