International Relations

A degree in International Relations prepares you to make effective decisions in an interconnected world, enhances your global perspective and increases your opportunity to study other cultures.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in International Relation

Master of Arts (MA) in International Relations

The International Relations program at Webster Vienna Private University:

  • Prepares students for leadership and service in the international diplomatic, professional, and academic communities.
  • Is led by a team of internationally recognized researchers, lecturers, and scholar-practitioners.
  • Examines the great powers' politics, humanitarian issues, and the dynamics of the international political economy.
  • Teaches students how to employ competing theories, methods, and approaches.

The international nature of the faculty and student body enriches students' on-campus academic experience while exposing them to one of the world's premier centers of international activity; home to the UN, UNIDO, UNODC, IAEA, OPEC, OFID, CTBTO and the OSCE where many Webster International Relations graduates go on to work. Our graduates are regularly admitted into prestigious post-graduate programs at Oxford, Cambridge, Columbia, John Hopkins, Georgetown and the London School of Economics. Many of our graduates go on to top careers in politics, international business, and NGOs; and an increasing number successfully complete Ph.D. programs in Europe and the United States.