Research - International Relations

The research faculty at the Department of International Relations actively contributes to the scholarship on International Security, International Political Economy focusing on Energy Issues, Foreign Policy Analysis, European Integration, Political Representation and Transatlantic Relations. Our research is published internationally in different formats, e.g. books, book chapters,peer-reviewed articles or policy papers. Recent works were on European Integration in security and energy sectors, international institutions and their change, and EU-Asia relations. Current projects comprise the EU’s approach to conflict and crisis mechanisms, external dimensions of energy security and the EU-Asia relations in a transatlantic context.

Core Research Areas

  • International Security
  • International Political Economy focus on Energy Security
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • European Integration
  • Political Representation
  • Transatlantic Relations

Research Projects


Webster Vienna Private University is pleased to announce its cooperation with VIADUCT, a project aiming to create a large academic network with universities and partner institutions from the EU, Turkey and surrounding countries. VIADUCT’s objective is to promote research, teaching and policy dialogue, as well as build knowledge on EU-Turkey relations.

Dr. Franco Algieri

  • Economic and security political interdependence between the EU and Asia
  • Institutionalization of the foreign, security and defence policy of the EU

Dr. Jozef Batora

  • Institutions and their change
  • Diplomacy and Security
  • EU governance