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Portrait of Dr. Franco AlgieriEuropean foreign policy and EU-China relations are part of the research of Dr. Franco Algieri, Associate Professor and Head of the IR Department at WVPU. His article “Die Gemeinsame Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik als Spiegelbild eines Integrationsprozesses im Wandel” (The Common Foreign and Security Policy as a reflection of a changing integration process) has been published in a comprehensive edited volume on the European Union, which reflects the current state on European integration research. Analyzing concepts for the international role of the EU in context of the institutional and systemic conditions in which actors shape the Common Foreign and Security Policy, the author considers the strength and limitation of this policy and argues for cautious use of the term ‘common’ as well as to not create too high expectations, which the EU cannot meet.

In his contribution “Die Europäische Union und China (The European Union and China)” to the Yearbook on European Integration, Algieri explains the shift in the EU’s China policy and why the EU has developed a more critical position towards China. In how far non-military security issues matter in EU-China relations was presented by Algieri at the Transatlantic Symposium on U.S. and European Relations with China, in February 2020 in Berlin.


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Paper “China’s challenges in the security arena: Non-military security issues relevant for the EU”. Transatlantic Symposium on the U.S and European Relations with China. Berlin, February 21-22, 2020.