Master's Degree Programs

Webster's graduate programs are for students who have earned a primary degree at a recognized institution and would like to pursue an internationally recognized graduate degree to further their knowledge and prepare for career advancement.

The graduate degree is the second university diploma and requires an undergraduate university degree (BA, BS) or the equivalent thereof to be completed before commencing the graduate program.

To accommodate students with full-time work, all graduate courses take place once a week in the evening with exams held on weekends. Students requiring additional flexibility, but still wishing to receive a degree with Austrian and American accreditation have the option of pursuing up to two courses online through our online World Classroom.


Master of Arts (MA)

Master of Science (MSc)

An MA or MSc allows students to deepen and develop their knowledge in a practical, specialized concentration. Each concentration is comprised of 7 to 9 core courses supplemented by 3 to 5 elective courses. Full-time students should plan on 15 to 18 months of study while part-time students can pace their programs to meet the demands of their personal and professional lives. MA programs may require a thesis in partial fulfillment of the degree program. MS in Finance students who have no academic background in accounting, economics, and/or statistics may be required to take up to 2 prerequisite courses in these subjects.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Webster's MBA program offers a rigorous, comprehensive business education for career-minded adults who wish to enhance their professional development. Full-time students can complete the MBA  (12 courses) in 15 to 18 months. Part-time students can pace their programs to meet the demands of their personal and professional lives. Students who have no academic background in business, economics and accounting may be required to take up to 3 prerequisite courses.

The Webster MBA recognizes that three criteria are essential for thriving in the global economy

  • Concepts –identifying the leading ideas
  • Competence – implementation of those ideas
  • Connections – access to a world-wide network of students, faculty and alumni with whom to exchange information and experiences

Webster University also offers an online MBA and other Master of Arts programs through its Academic Distance Learning Center.

Webster Worldwide Programs

Interested in a truly international experience? Webster University’s Global MA in International Relations gives students the chance to earn their degree at five different international campuses: St. Louis, London, Leiden, Geneva, Vienna and either China or Thailand. Enrolled students attend each campus for one 8-week term, with the completion of their degree in just one very exciting year.