Online Graduate Programs

Graduate students can pursue a Webster degree entirely online, or mix and match classroom and online courses according to their preferences, interests, and work or family commitments. Webster’s online World Classroom allows students to participate in distance learning, while still engaging in regular course discussion and interaction with students from our campuses all over the globe. Each online course meets the same rigorous academic standards as our traditional classroom programs with the convenience of taking classes from home or other locations- 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Master’s students interested in attaining both Austrian and U.S. accreditation can take up to 25% of total credit hours that can be used towards online, study abroad or transfer in order to still qualify for Austrian accreditation. There is no limit in order to receive U.S. accreditation.

Interested in finding out more about how Webster's online courses and programs work and what to expect? Click here to find out more about courses available online.

Note: Registration instructions at this website apply only to St. Louis students. Webster Vienna students who wish to register for online courses must do so with their advisor in Vienna. Fees and payment conditions for online courses are the same as for on-campus courses.