Portfolio Review

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the portfolio review in the Media Communications Department:

MEDC 0100 - Portfolio Review Course Requirement:

All Media Communications majors must successfully pass a portfolio review as an integral part of their degree requirement.

To be eligible, students must be in their junior or senior year and have completed at least 15 credit hours in the School of Communications, including MEDC 1010, EPMD 1000 and nine additional hours within the Media Communications Department.

What is a portfolio review?
The portfolio review is a presentation of your best work to a faculty panel.
Your presentation should take ca. 10-12 minutes and will be followed by questions based on the material provided, your goals and strengths.

Portfolios are reviewed for creativity, style, organization, writing skills, professionalism, quality of research and competency in communication skills, knowledge, and techniques.

After a brief faculty conference you will rejoin the faculty for feedback.

What do I include in the portfolio?
Your portfolio should showcase 3-5 pieces of your best work in the Media Communications Department and can include journalistic articles, PR case study, research paper, photographs, and production work or internship experience. A meeting with your advisor can help you to decide which pieces to include.

How does the process work?
Sign up for the session in advance, and prepare a portfolio presentation of 10-12 minutes.

Look at the portfolio review as an exercise for a job interview. Present your work with enthusiasm, highlighting the most important elements of each project or written work.

Rehearse to ensure that you stay within the given time limit.

When is the next portfolio review date?
We offer two Review dates per academic year:

  • one at the end of every Spring 2 term (May) and
  • one at the end of the Fall 2 term (December).

Appointments are given on a first come, first served basis

Students who need additional equipment for their presentation should indicate this in due time and make sure it will be available.


  • Inform the Media Communications Department of your intent to present and sign up for the portfolio review MEDC 0100
  • Prepare your work; as needed, make appointments with departmental faculty to receive feedback on the portfolio
  • If submitting written work in the portfolio, please submit it 2 weeks before the Portfolio Review.
  • Review your presentation to train your presentation style and check the time limit of 10-12 minutes
  • Reserve any additional equipment you may need for your presentation and make sure it is in the designated room in working order.