Research - Media Communications

Faculty in the media communications department conduct quality research related to their area of expertise within the broader field of media and communication. Quantitative, qualitative, and critical approaches permeate the research conducted in the department. This attribute offers a clear link to the three other departments at WVPU for interdisciplinary research. In our increasingly saturated media environment it is essential to maintain currency with the field as well as to make significant contributions to the field in the form of international research collaborations, high-quality peer-reviewed publications, and presentations at competitive conferences.

Core Research Areas

While faculty members’ breadth of knowledge covers a wide range of fields within media and communication, the core of their research focuses on the following areas:

  • Internet memes as artifacts of digital culture
  • Strategic use of communication in digital culture
  • Fake news and social media
  • Communication ethics
  • Media regulation
  • Popular culture and intertextuality
  • Digital games and simulations

Research Projects

Dr. Bradley Wiggins

  • The discursive power of memes in digital culture (contracted book with Routledge, in progress).
  • Fake news and the 2016 U.S. Presidential campaign

Dr. Anthony Loewstedt

  • Information and communication technology development
  • Media convergence, and long-term progress: A stage-sequence theory
  • Globalization and media ethics.

Meng Chen, PhD

  • Health Communication
  • Strategic communication
  • Persuasion
  • Language use and effects
  • Social support
  • Social network